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Before uploading photos to web sites or forums which have been taken by your cellphone or digital camera, do you feel they are a little bit grey or unclear?  Even you have done the right thing:

1. Choose the right shutter speed

2. Choose the right aperture setting

3. Minimize camera movements

4. Use a tripod

Not enough! The secret is you must optimize your photos. Most people think that it's hard to do an optimization for these photos because you have to know something about PhotoShop. But now I will tell you that with an free software program you can enhance the quality of all your pictures just in three simple clicking.

Original Image

After Optimization

car1.jpg (39233 bytes)

car2.jpg (52767 bytes)

city1.jpg (36233 bytes)

city2.jpg (49242 bytes)

landscape1.jpg (24891 bytes)

landscape2.jpg (37916 bytes)


First of all, you have to install this 100% free photo software 'Picasa' in your hard disk. You may now  .

The file size is only 5M but it helps you:

Now let's begin optimizing:

1) Open an image which you want it to be optimized in Picasa and then click on the 'I'm Feeling Lucky' button. This button enhances dark and bright colors in a photo and adjusts both color and contrast to optimal levels in one click.

picasa1.JPG (16912 bytes)


2) Then go to the 'Effects' tab and click on the 'Sharpen' button. At the same moment you may see your image changed a lot.


3) The only way to save your result is to 'Export' this image to another folder. So click on the 'Export' button and select a folder where you want your photo to the stored.

picasa3.JPG (24019 bytes)


See, just three simple steps your photos will be more clear and sharp. Of cause it works with all kinds of photos but not only photo taken by mobiles. What are you waiting for? Just try by yourself, good luck!




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